About Us - The QuakersOnline Ministry Team

Jim Heil - The Renegade Quaker

Hi, my name is Jim Heil. I'm the guy who owns this domain name, this website, and the person you will be reaching if you fill out the Contact Us Form. I started my online ministry five years ago with a now defunct online community QuakersOnline.org. My poor little website was puttering along with not much traffic and with an over abundance of fraudulent users. I shut it down and have since been stuck with little vision for what to do with it. The initial concept was coldly received and several people were doing it much better, so it's better left in their hand.

This Ministry

This Ministry will be its own independent thing. It ranks well on it's own and with very little involvement from others. I believe I will have something new and insightful to add to the Quakers internet ministry and I trust, in time, God will give me the words for these pages. Until then, feel free to contact me.